Prevail Daily Pads


Daily Pads for Bladder Leaks, Moderate Absorbency, 16 count, Price $5.99

Enjoy discreet, comfortable protection from incontinence with Prevail Pads, Moderate. With a built-in odor guard and a silent backing, these pads ensure discretion. Skin is protected with an AirMax Layer that locks in wetness, but lets air pass through, so skin can breathe. Cotton enhanced Dri-Fit feels soft and dry against skin, and the 100% breathable backing keeps you feeling cool. This bladder control pad stays in place all day with a sturdy adhesive strip that fastens to your underwear. Whether you dribble when you laugh or need heavier bladder protection, these incontinence pads keep you dry, confident, and comfortable.

Key Benefits

  • Omni Odor Guard offers advanced odor protection by trapping odors in the core, and helping you maintain discretion
  • Adhesive strip securely fastens the pad inside your underwear for protection that stays in place as long as you need it
  • AirMax Layer traps wetness inside, but lets air pass through, so skin can breathe. It’s even proven to reduce the risk of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)
  • Cotton Enhanced Dri-Fit leaves the bladder control pad feeling soft and dry against skin, even after a void
  • MaxSorb Gel turns liquid into a gel inside the pad, so you feel dry and fresh

Who Should Use These

Prevail Pads, Moderate are ideal for:

  • Women facing moderate urinary incontinence
  • Women with stress incontinence
  • Women that lead a relatively active lifestyle
  • Price $5.99
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