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About Us

B.T. MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to providing top quality respiratory and oxygen therapy and home medical equipment to Northeast Texas and the surrounding areas.  Our mission is to provide our patients, referral sources, and physicians with open, honest communications in regards to the care and well being of those we serve.  It is our desire to demonstrate this mission with actions, not words alone.

B.T. MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC is committed to providing equipment that meets and exceeds the standard of our industry, all the while providing patients service with the utmost respect of their rights.  Every staff member is a seasoned professional ready and willing to ensure the best quality of life possible to the patients and their family members.  It is our goal to be helpful with all persons involved in the diagnosis, treatment and care of each and every patient served by B.T. MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC.

B.T. MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC understands and appreciates the demanding and diversified approach that is mandated in today's world of ever changing medical needs.  We are constantly adding new product lines and updated models of all our equipment, keeping up with the needs of our patients.



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Product Information


To stay mobile within your home, and in public, get products from BT Medical Supplies LLC. We'll be sure you get what you need, from wheelchairs and walkers to canes and cane tips. 

Delivery within 100 miles is FREE! 

• Drive manual wheelchairs  

• Drive walkers and rollators  

• Knee walkers  

• All types of Drive canes and crutches  

Ask about cash fills when you get in touch with us.  

• Pride Jazzy Select Elite 

• Pride Go-Go Elite Traveler  

• Pride Victory 9 and 10  

• Pride Pursuit  Place a Hoyer lift into your home with us. These lifts can tolerate all weights. 

Our friendly staff can help you learn to use the product. 

Get a 1-Year Warranty With Your New Items 



Feel more comfortable bathing and using the restroom, at home, with bath safety products from BT Medical Supplies LLC. 

You'll find products to help you keep your balance, shower more thoroughly, and more.  

Gain better control over your shower spray with a hand-held shower wand. You can shower standing or seated and get a full rinse more easily.  

Trust a supplier, who has been in the business since 2008.  

• Commode risers  

• Grab rails - suction and bolt-on  

• Bath chairs  

• Transfer benches  

If you need assistance lower to the toilet seat, bedside commode availability, and more, a 3-in-1 commode will be helpful. 

Learn more about our commodes today!  

If You're a Cash Customer, 

Ask About Cash Discounts 903-885-8700


Make getting in and out of your home simpler with the addition of a home ramp from BT Medical Supplies LLC. 

There are all types of modular ramps and folding ramps for you to choose from, so you can select the one that's best for your particular mobility.  

Let the professionals take care of the delivery! 

Delivery is FREE within 100 miles, so you can simply order and then wait for your ramp's arrival.  

We're a local, family owned business with years of industry experience. 

• Folding ramps  

• Modular ramps  

• Home measuring for ramps  

• FREE estimates  

At BT Medical Supplies, our professionals don't just sell products and then detach. 

You'll get a full setup and hands-on lesson on how to use your new product upon delivery! 

We want you to feel comfortable with your new purchase.  

Call Us Today For a FREE Estimate 903-885-8700


If you live with chronic or periodic aches and pains that could be eased by simple orthopedic products, contact BT Medical Supplies LLC. 

You'll be able to buy products you can apply and wear daily to reduce strain and pain when you move around.  

When an injury or sore body part bothers you, consider a wrap! We have wraps for hands, elbows, shoulders, backs, knees, and ankles that can ease the pain of everyday movement.  

Used items come with a 90-day warranty. 

After 90 days, you'll pay for parts, and we'll take care of the labor for FREE!  

• Braces  

• Splints  

• Diabetic socks 

• Compression and anti-embolism stockings  

At BT Medical Supplies, your relief and increased everyday convenience is our success. 

We operate a client-oriented business. 

Do not hesitate to let us know about your specific needs and concerns! 

Loaner Items Are Available - Call Now 903-885-8700


If you need increased oxygen to function your best, get in touch with BT Medical Supplies LLC. 

You'll have your choice of many oxygen units of varying sizes, including small, portable ones.  

You don't have to go without your oxygen tank, even on a plane trip. Purchase small, easily portable units to have with you wherever you need to go.  

Get friendly, client-oriented service from our professionals.  

Breathe easier  

• Home concentrators  

• Portable units  

• Units to bring on trips and airplanes  

• All types of units available

  Purchasing and receiving medical home products has never been easier! 

Simply place an order and get FREE delivery and setup from our team within a 100-mile radius.  

Get Hands-On Delivery and Setup Today  



If you suffer from sleep apnea, a CPAP or BiPAP machine can have a hugely positive effect on your health.

These machines will help your breathing stay consistent while you sleep, providing you with the oxygen your body needs.  

While a CPAP or BiPAP machine may feel awkward at first, you will be getting better rest with a consistent air flow! 

Ask your medical professional which machine is right for you.  

You get personalized service to suit your situation - we'll give you the attention you deserve.  

• All types of respironics  

• All types of masks  

• Tubing  

• Machine filters  

Though you can purchase a large variety of medical supplies and units with us, you can rent some items, as well! 

Contact BT Medical Supplies LLC to ask about a loaner unit for any medical product you need.  

Call Us to Ask About Our Cash Customer Discount 903-885-8700

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